Eat Up!

ChefOur goal today at Venetian Hills…eat lunch! I am coming back for a more comprehensive visit though. My focus today, however, was to connect with our district chef!

We had a great time eating with our K-5 friends at Venetian Hills Elementary.  On the menu today were veggie burgers, beef sliders, steamed carrots and baked fries along with a fruit and salad bar.


Thank you principal Jack for inviting us to lunch!

I had an opportunity to visit with Principal Jack and to also talk to Chef Gillette, the executive chef for Atlanta Public Schools.  I had a lot of questions about the preparation of the food, incorporation of school gardens into the menu and decisions behind meal choices at the elementary, middle and high school level. Chef Gillette promised  Venetian1to allow me to be one of his official taste testers as he develops new entrees for our students.

A special thank you to Board of Education member Eshe’ Collins who joined us on this visit!

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