Good Morning Jaguars

My first stop on day two of the school year is Harper-Archer Middle School

Harper1 Harper2 Harper3

I received a warm welcome from Principal Jermaine Dawson today at Harper-Archer Middle School, home of the Jaguars with 650 students.

This school has seen improved achievement during the two years of the principal’s tenure.  He was brought to Harper-Archer as a turn-around principal and I can see he is getting the job done.

The students know him and respect him. I spent some time with 8th graders who were early for school.

I participated in the warm up exercises in Ms. Young’s 7th grade social studies class as well as a 7th grade special needs class.

Ms. Young’s class was warm and inviting.  This is her second year with the district.  This morning’s warm-up exercise dealt with geography, latitude and longitude.  Students focused on geography themes of location, place, movement, human environment interaction and region.  Later the students will participate in a hands on activity to reinforce their learning. 

Students in Mr. Davis’ science class participated in labs on animal and plant cells yesterday, had homework last night and are continuing their study today. Extra time was spent yesterday on safety and all students are required to sign lab contracts.

The building was built in 1950 as a high school.  I look forward to working with the principal and our facilities design team to maximize the usage of the building’s floorplan and classroom space.    

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