Historic Meets Hip at Springdale Park Elementary

spark5Springdale Park Elementary School facility is breathtaking – where historic meets hip!

This school is an excellent example of fusing the old with the new and setting high expectations for learning spaces in our district.  Principal Yolanda Brown has done a masterful job managing the four buildings, including two historic homes, which make up the school campus. The preservation of the original structure and original design intent was just beautiful.

 I had an opportunity today to visit multiple classrooms, meet members of the hard-working Parent-Teacher Association and I was even serenaded with the school song by students. Upon request by Zoey, a sweet and enthusiastic youngster, I did some singing of my own. I belted out my elementary school song back to them in return.  Yes, I was terrible but I just couldn’t let down my beloved elementary school principal, Ms. Sherrer,  who trained our whole school much like these students are to remember their school song fondly and early learning experience.  And, yes, there were lots of laughs when I had to hit the high notes…I mean lots!

spark7Instruction was in full swing in every single classroom I visited and teachers, as well as students, seemed super excited about their lessons in every single building on the campus.

The SPARK building recently received a renovation and achieved a LEED Certified Gold standard.  The highest level of certification for green buildings to achieve the standard set by the U.S. Green Building Council .  I feel as if I am gushing, but the grounds and buildings were simply immaculate.  The green turf is a great addition.  They even have two geothermal wells on site too. 

One final shout out to the PTA officers who were meeting and planning for a great school year. I can’t wait to be invited back to meet all the parents!

spark8 spark6 spark4 spark3 spark2 spark1

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