Our Emerging Artists at Price Middle School

PriceSculptorLast week students at Price Middle School were treated to a sculpting class with sculptor Fred Ajanogha.  Mr. Ajanogha is working with students on a series of sculpture projects throughout the school year.
Price students have participated in three workshops where they’ve learned various sculptural techniques and created several small models.  They will continue to work with Ajanogha to hone their sculptural skills and prepare for the end of the year art show.  I’m really excited about the exposure the students are receiving to this artistic discipline.  They’ve even been invited by the artist to tour Atlanta Living Walls and visit his personal art studio. 
PriceSculptor2Mr. Ajanogha currently has sculptures on display at the Apex Museum, Clark Atlanta University, the Southern Museum of Art and our very own Grady High School. 
A big thank you to veteran art teacher Ms. Janice Johnson for this opportunity.  Ms. Johnson has been Price Middle School’s art teacher for more than 22 years!

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