Georgia Power Invests in a Strong APS

Our generous partners at Georgia Power stopped by this week to present the district with our first partnership donation of the new year, a gift of $50,000 that will help support APS’ five-year strategic plan!

Our district spent the fall articulating a clear mission and vision, guiding principles and aligned operating norms.  Now we are focused on engaging the community as we work on major planning initiatives, including our strategic plan.  The plan focuses on four strategic objectives:  academic programs, talent strategy, systems and resources, and culture.  You can take a look at the plan HERE.

This plan is our strategy map…a change strategy that identifies four big buckets of work and steps to shift the district and leverage its strength.  Georgia Power has been a great sustaining education partner, even providing us a loaned executive for the past couple of years to work on systems upgrades. Thank you Georgia Power, especially B. Mitchell King, region manager for the Metro East Region at Georgia Power who visited with our staff, for investing in building stronger students, a stronger staff, stronger schools and a strong system.

georgia power

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