Let’s Play! Every APS Elementary School Gets a Playground!

IMG-20150729-002661 (2)

Principal Manboard at Adamsville Primary shows off her new playground!

Last school year, with equity around the district in mind, the APS Operations Division identified 10 elementary schools in the district that were without playgrounds. The Atlanta Board of Education took steps to ensure that the building of playgrounds at these elementary schools were a priority during our back-to-school planning over the summer. I am proud to give updates on the following summer playground projects:


  • Adamsville Primary School
  • Benteen Elementary School
  • Cascade Elementary School
  • Continental Colony Elementary School
  • Finch Elementary School
  • Gideons Elementary School
  • Heritage Academy Elementary
  • Connally Elementary School
  • Humphries Elementary School


  • Beecher Hills Elementary School (currently working with the City of Atlanta Arborist as we plan for the next phase of construction)

In the past, schools were responsible for installing and maintaining their own playgrounds using grants and donations. This proved difficult for many schools and brought about pockets of inequity. I am proud to announce that all of the projects on this list were fully funded with SPLOST dollars, allowing us to move forward swiftly and give students a place to exercise their bodies, which is equally as important as exercising their minds. We even moved the L.O. Kimberly Elementary playground from its original site, to its temporary site.

Cont Colony

The new playground at Continental Colony matches the school’s colors! Nice.

I’ve been visiting schools and looking at the playgrounds and they look fantastic. I am very proud of the work done by our facilities team, and I can’t wait to see students jumping, laughing and playing on their new playgrounds.


Connally Elementary


Cascade Elementary


Benteen Elementary


Adamsville Elementary

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