APS Statement on TADs

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) has long been a supporter of economic development for our communities given that we are the largest contributor to five of the 10 tax allocation districts (TADs) in the City (Eastside, Atlantic Station, BeltLine, Perry Bolton, and Westside), having invested $434 million in those projects since 1999.  We will continue to contribute an additional estimated $1.2 billion more over the life of those five TADs.

APS has been consistent in communicating with City administration and officials our concerns about resolving open issues regarding those five TADs before we can consider participating in any new TADs or extending current ones. Our recent communication with City administration and officials reflects that position, in addition to questions we’ve raised about the Gulch proposal, including the timeline for the educational increment (which we worry might be extended beyond 2038 to pay redevelopment costs and supplemental award payments to the developer), the use of that increment, and bond guarantees. In the spirit of partnership, we have also shared proposed solutions to the questions we’ve raised.

We continue to work with the City to do what’s in the best interest of our 52,000 APS students, 6,000 employees, and 158,000 taxpayers.

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